Review of Vikings: Valhalla, Season 2, Episode 2 “Towers of Faith”

This was another strong episode. They’re continuing to set the stage for this season, and we see the characters being moved into position.

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The title refers to the last two scenes: Freydis standing in the tower at Jomsborg, declaring it a haven for Heathens, and the tower Leif is on as he looks at the cross, which saves him from following the hallucination of Liv over the edge.

This appears to be setting us up for the siblings to find themselves on different spiritual paths. This would be a reflection of actual history, as the sagas record Freydis as a firm supporter of the Old Ways while Leif was Christian.

Mariam seems like an interesting character, and I’m curious to see where things go with her and Leif. I just hope her cough during her introductory scene doesn’t turn out to be an Incurable Cough of Death. I really hate when something like that comes up the very first time we meet a character, seeming to spell out their future right from the start.

So far, there has been little happening in London, and it almost feels like the characters from there are being included more so that we don’t forget about them than because they have anything to add to the plot. I hope things pick up there soon.

I think the funniest moment of the episode for me was when young King Svein floated back into Kattegat with the blood from his killing of the Heathen still splattered on his face. This kid had to have ridden back to his boat, then sailed from wherever they were back to Kattegat, and he never washed or even wiped his face?! I mean, sure, they needed a a means for his mom to know he’d killed a man, but I’m not sure if that was the best way to do it.

Well, that’s it for episode 2, come back in a few days for Episode 3!

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